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How to Be a Girl Boss in 7 Simple Steps. Here are 7 simple Steps to be a Girl Boss. Today is the day to start. Because you can do it and these steps lay out the plan to succeed. Therefore by implementing these simple steps you can Rock the Girl Boss.

Entrepreneurial Advice: How to Be a Girl Boss in 7 Simple Steps



Whether you’re an online shop owner, blogger, content creator, or other girl boss professional, here are a few solid tips for how to be a girl boss. Take a look at the things that help get me through each day!


If you’re wondering if you should start a blog, I say you should do it 100%! No one has your voice, your experiences or your stories and people need to hear them! If you feel like there are too many bloggers out there already, just remember that no one is YOU!


You can’t get to where you want to be without a clear vision. Why? Because without a vision you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve. Do you want to be the go-to source for ethically made yoga apparel? Do you want to be the most unapologetic and diverse lipstick line the world has ever seen?


It’s very hard to see success without goals. From financial goals to growth goals, to customer service and networking goals, writing down goals can play a big part in the blooming of your girl boss biz.


Find books that motivate you, teach you something, and make you want to do better. Alicia Tenise rounded up the best books for lady bloggers and entrepreneurs. If you’re looking to add to your book list, check it out!


Learning from those who have been where you are and where you want to go is essential to growing as a girl boss. Entrepreneurship isn’t always an easy road and success doesn’t happen overnight.


If you can’t find support from your family and friends, join Facebook groups, meet up with biz owners in your community, find an accountability partner. The best thing I’ve done for my business this year is join a team of like-minded entrepreneurs and bloggers. Find your tribe and keep them close!

7. A KILLER WEBSITE and create a girl boss empire, you need to have an UH-MAZING website. It needs to be clean, responsive, and beautiful, attracting your target client! Your website is your visual storefront and you have to make sure it says all the right things about you and your business.


Along with a consistent exercise routine, a proper morning routine is also key! Wake up at the same time each day, write down your goals and to-do list, eat breakfast, and make a cup of tea. Read more…


While it may seem to difficult to imagine you as a GIRL BOSS, take the first step.  Because in today’s technological age, having your own business is much easier than it seems.

In addition to having your own business you can manage your schedule as needed.  Because you work for yourself, you can leave work for a soccer game.  While the work only gets done if you do it, you can work when time allows.  Almost all of the works can be done at any hour and at any location.  Therefore you can work while on vacation in Florida, on your lunch break or while the kids play at the park.

Since these steps are simple to follow you regain your time.

First of all make a plan.  Rather than fumble with what needs to be done, follow the steps.  It’s also important to spend some time on a vision, focus.   Start with some goals and write them down.

Another vital step is educate yourself, read some books, learn.  Research can be never ending.  Balance 1 hour to learning to 3 hours of production.

So find a mentor.  Build a support system.  Because Facebook groups are a great resource for support, join a few.

Furthermore, a killer website is a must.  Because this is so important it may be advisable to get some professional help with your website. There are many options for websites and your mentors are a great resource.  Many of your mentors will have recommendations, ask.

Especially relevant is a morning routine.  Build a routine that works for your mornings.  Furthermore, humans are creatures of habit. Because it takes 21 days to create a habit, start today.

Are you a Girl Boss?  So what Tips do you have for Rocking the Girl Boss?

Entrepreneurial Advice: How to Be a Girl Boss in 7 Simple Steps

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