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The popularity of Game of Thrones transforms Cauliflower Steaks  to Weirwood Tree Cauliflower Steaks!  So have some friends over to watch the newest episode and show off your cooking skills.  Easily transform simple cauliflower into Weirwood Trees.

How to Make Game of Thrones Weirwood Tree Cauliflower Steaks

https://geekdad.com/2014/03/game-of-thrones-weirwood-tree-cauliflower-steaks/In Game of Thrones, weirwood trees are considered sacred by the people in the northern region of Westeros. The trees are distinguished by their pale white bark and blood-red leaves. Many of them also have eerie faces carved into their trunks. It is believed that the gods dwell in them and can see the past, present, and future through their eyes. In the first episode of the HBO series, Catelyn and Ned Stark meet beneath Winterfell’s heart tree, a grand weirwood that sits at the center of the castle’s godswood. See more…

How to Make Game of Thrones Weirwood Tree Cauliflower Steaks

These are great as a main course or a side dish, depending on the preferences of your guests and your other menu options. They’d also make a perfect addition to an entire Game of Thrones-themed meal. After all, the books are full of lengthy descriptions of elaborate dishes that’ll make your mouth water and your stomach rumble. For more culinary inspiration from George R.R. Martin’s world, be sure to check out the ridiculously comprehensive collection of recipes at Inn at the Crossroads, the official Game of Thrones food blog.  See more…

So there you have it.  Because this is such a simple recipe you will be able to enjoy the show with your friends!  No need to stay in the kitchen while the show is on.  Since the recipe is so simple bring these Weirwood Tree Cauliflower Steaks to your next Game of Thrones party.  But be prepared to share the recipe!  Everyone will want to make these!

Do you have a favorite Game of Thrones recipe?  I would love to share!

How to Make Game of Thrones Weirwood Tree Cauliflower Steaks

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