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Today I am bring you a great Slow cooker recipe.  Only 5 ingredients and a slow cooker.  So very easy, so delicious.  Because a crock pot is so easy to use you can feed your family with little effort.  Therefore, save money and cook a wonderful meal, while you are at work. Add the ingredients to the crock pot and start as you leave for work.


Make this for your family today.  When it is finished cooking my slow cooker switches over to warm, ready to eat.

Simply serve with potatoes or rice.  Because it is so versatile, send for lunch as a sandwich or reheat in the microwave with potatoes or rice.  Also freezes well.  Simply make a double batch. Then freeze half and when you need a quick meal just reheat and sever with a side dish.

Few ingredients make it a cost effective.  For a low cost option simply use the cut of meat that is on sale that week.

Because it is a time saver, keep all the ingredients on hand for that last minute meal.  Guest and family alike will rave over this meal.  So Simple to make, it’s an easy recipe to share.

Did you know a slow cooker uses less energy than your stove or oven?  A lot of people don’t use the crock pot in the summer.  Heats up the kitchen.  A simple solution would be to cook out on the deck or in the garage.

Try to include one crock pot meal a week.  I love to save time and money!

Have you made this recipe?  Do you have a favorite cut of meat you like to use? Do you have a favorite crock pot meal? I would love to hear from you.


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