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 Super Easy Christmas Savings Plan

I know it is only September, but Christmas will be here before you know it.  So don’t get caught off guard.  Don’t put Christmas on your credit card.  Don’t go into debt this Christmas!  Plan today and be debt free this Christmas.

Christmas is such a magical time of year.  Keep the magic alive, keep the stress away!  By making simple changes in your spending today you can be prepared for this upcoming holiday season.

Therefore, ‘make your list and check it twice’, you are going to have some shopping to do!

Super Easy Christmas Savings Plan

Super Easy Christmas Savings PlanToday I have a 10-week Christmas savings plan to get you prepared for the holidays! Saving for gifts ahead of time allows you to be stress-free during the holiday season and have money set aside so you don’t have to gather up money last minute. Since Christmas is 6 or so months away, you can… Read more See more…

Simply change a few of your habits and you can easily save this amount for Christmas.  Instead of eating lunch out, brown bag it. That will easily save you $8-$12 everyday!  You might also lose some weight in the process!

Eat 2 evening meals a week at home.  This one act alone can easily $30 to $40 per meal.

One last tip to easily accomplish this:  Super Easy Christmas Savings Plan…Make your coffee at home!  Avoid Starbucks and see the saving add up!

I challenge you to take charge of this Holiday Season, follow this Super Easy Christmas Saving Plan.  Have the money to buy your presents.  Put your credit card in the drawer, use the money for Christmas from this Saving Plan.

I love the Holidays and having the money to spend really takes the stress away. Therefore enjoy the season!

How do you save money at the holidays?  Have you ever had a Christmas Saving Plan?  How did you cut your budget to Save the money? Let me know any tips you have for savings, I love to share great ideas!

Super Easy Christmas Savings Plan