Hey everyone, Happy Labor Day!  Labor Day is Sweet Summers last goodbye…

Today we are taking it easy and what better way to take it easy but with a crock pot meal.  Now this isn’t a soup or a casserole, this is Ribs!  Sounds crazy I know, but give it a try and your family will ask for this again and again!

Its so easy.  Just Ribs, Brown sugar, Pineapple juice ( yes I said pineapple juice) and some Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce. Give them 7-8 hours on high and finish them off in the oven, jut 10 minutes under the broiler and the sauce caramelizes on the ‘fall of the bone’ ribs.  What could be easier?

No need to spend hours tending the smoker, throw it all together in the crock pot and off you and your family can go.

The Best Fall Off The Bone BBQ Ribs

The Best Fall Off The Bone BBQ Ribs

These ribs will make everyone thing that you slaved all day, but all you have to do is pop them in the slow cooker with 2 simple ingredients, let them simmer all day, then throw them on the grill for a couple of minutes while you slather them in BBQ sauce. It couldn’t be any easier and the ribs literally fall apart from slow cooking all day. And even though they are fully cooked, the grilling is icing on the cake- the BBQ sauce turns to a sticky glaze and they are incredibly delicious. See more…

Enjoy sweet summers Last goodbye.  How are you Spending your Labor Day?  Are you at the Lake, or maybe on your dirt bike?  Do you have any special ways you like to make Ribs?  Do you have any Special crock pot Recipes?  I love to hear from you.  Because there are always new ways to fix favorite foods I love trying new recipes!

The Best Fall Off The Bone BBQ Ribs

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